How to replace Bearings of Wood chippers equipment replacement procedure

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Wood chippers bearing is a key part of the equipment, which is mainly used to dominate frequency and speed of rotation of the bearing, so when installing the bearing device is also particularly careful, otherwise it will not only affect the device bearing life, but also seriously affect the work efficiency of the equipment, but in actual use, if the bearing is badly worn, how to remove and install the bearing it? After get the bearings from bearing manufacturers and bearing wholesalers , The following detailed description about the timber mill bearing installation methods:

1. Loosen the bolt bearing, bearing along with the bearing removed from the shaft. Note that before the demolition of the shaft end bearing. The other end of the shaft should be bearing bolts loose, so as not to do with each other at both ends of the bearing strength and damage.

2. First with a hex wrench to loosen the eccentric bearing sleeve locking screw and insert the cover with a small iron bar sink hole eccentric sleeve, against the axis of rotation eccentric to play loose.

3. Mounted eccentric. First condom eccentric eccentric steps in the bearing sleeve, and hand along the direction of the rotating shaft and tighten. Then insert a small iron bar or the eccentric sleeve against the sink hole. Hand direction of rotation along the axis of the percussion hammer small iron bar. cheap bearings China—JOBST bearings.The eccentric sleeve is securely installed, and finally locking socket head cap screws eccentric sleeve.

4. Fixed bearing bolts do not tighten, let the bearing housing can rotate in the bearing housing. Then bearing bolt well. Also installed the other end of the bearing and the seat with a shaft, the shaft is rotated a few times, (China bearing manufacturer—JOBST Bearing) so that the bearing itself automatically after the alignment position.

5. In the mill bearing and bearing with lubricant topcoat, the bearing into the bearing housing. Then the assembled bearing and bearing together JOBST sleeve on the shaft. Pushed to the desired position for installation.

6. To install the front axle bearings, you must unplug the jacket bearing a fixed pin, while the journal surface polished smooth, clean and oiled rust and lubrication of the journal.