Machine tool spindle bearings selection criteria and performance requirements of bearing oil

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Selection criteria spindle bearings
Speed ​​and temperature
With the development of science and technology, more and more high-speed spindle bearings, speed range growing, therefore, bearing high speed stability requirements are also getting higher and higher. Spindle bearing temperature is an important factor limiting the speed of the bearing. Under normal circumstances, the correct choice of bearing type, tolerance level, allocation, clearance (preload) size, lubricants and lubrication methods, can improve the performance of high-speed rolling bearings to a certain extent.
Main Specifications:
Life and carrying capacity
General machine tools, the life of the spindle assembly mainly refers to its precision spindle holding period of use and therefore requires precision bearing spindle assembly retaining performance to meet the requirements of life. For heavy-duty machine tools or heavy cutting machine tools, should first consider the carrying capacity of the bearing. Rigidity and vibration resistance
To ensure the quality of the processing machine, the spindle must be sufficiently rigid system, otherwise it will have a greater complex bearing manufacturer mapping error even flutter. Vibration resistance refers China bearing to the ability to resist forced vibration and self-excited vibrations by. Vibration of the spindle assembly depends on the stiffness and damping of the spindle and bearing. Rolling adopts preload can effectively increase the stiffness of the spindle system. noise
In the high-speed grinder, grinding machine noise bearing noise is the main ingredient should be used in low-noise rolling bearings.

Performance requirements of machine tool spindle bearing oil
Spindle bearing oil is a precision machine tool spindle bearings and similar special lubricants, and use it to ensure the accuracy bearing manufacturers of the work spindle performance and prolong its service life bearings manufacturer play a very important role, also known as bearing oil. The main performance requirements include:
Suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics
For the machine tool spindle bearing wholesalers temperature will not be too high and the machine thermal variations, or to affect the machining accuracy poor bearing lubrication, it should be based on the structure of the spindle bearings, speed and bearing clearance and other selected appropriate temperature and oil required to have a good viscosity-temperature characteristics, and prevent the spindle temperature and ambient temperature change is large, the change in viscosity is too large to affect its lubricating properties.
Good lubrication
Spindle when the cyclical lubrication, spindle bearing oil requires long-term use without deterioration so requires a good oxidation resistance
Good rust resistance
Since the spindle oil lubrication system work process will inevitably mixed with the air condensing water or machine coolant, thus requiring oil has good corrosion resistance.